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Paul Brace is a musician, songwriter and entertainer from St. John’s, Newfoundland. He’s an East Coast Music Award winner for his debut record Liars & Actors, and the 2017 Music NL Media Person of the Year. A perfect-fit solo performer for a pub, chalet, bar, or restaurant, Paul can entertain a room with his original folk stylings or get an audience on their feet with a night of well-known classic rock, country, classic hits, and trad rock. 

Sleep On It - Lyric Video

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Paul Brace is a singer-songwriter from St. John's Newfoundland. A well-known media person, audio engineer, musician, and producer, he has backed up and supported many bands and artists, including the Music NL-nominated acts Hot X Proxy, Another North and ECMA nominated international act Waterfront Fire. 


Paul is thrilled to express himself as a solo artist. His songs can take many journeys, anywhere from gentle folk to heart-pounding rock. His songs are honest and taken right from his life's sketchbook — the places he's been, the people he's met (good and bad) and the many times he's gotten lost along the way.


In 2017, Brace won the Music NL Media Person of the Year award for his work in radio. The award was just part of an amazing year — a year which also saw his life hurled upside down by a diagnosis of stage 4 lymphoma.


As Paul stared down mortality, two things became very important: his amazing support group of family and friends, and time. He decided to take 6 months during treatment and make a solo record. Any day he felt well enough, he tracked, produced, arranged and composed with help from his amazing bandmates and friends. The resulting album, Liars & Actors, won the East Coast Music Award in 2019 for Inspirational Album of the Year


Liars & Actors is a concept album about life and death and what comes after. It explores these ideas through a wide range of musical styles to become an authentic and inspiring emotional experience.


Paul’s cancer is in complete remission. With a new lease on life, he is ready to showcase his music to the world.


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